Hodge Lifetime joins Academy

The Academy, launched earlier this year, offer advisers product areas such as equity release, long-term care and annuities, with access to training and sales support.

Its members focus on a specific sector within later life advice.

Retirement specialist Hodge Lifetime offers retirement mortgages, an interest-only lifetime mortgage between residential mortgages and roll-up equity release products which enables flexible arrangements for individuals wanting to pay the interest on their loans.

Stuart Wilson, managing partner of Equity Advice and Later Life Academy, said: “In a very short space of time we have already built a roster of Product Ambassadors who are absolutely committed to the Academy and ensuring we can help improve standards and professionalism across the later life advice space.

“To bring Hodge Lifetime on board with a specific focus on lending into retirement and retirement mortgages means we are able to cover off a significant and growing sector – one which advisers and their clients are increasingly interested in.”

He added that all the Later Life Academy Ambassadors will congregate for a spring round-table event in London to shape strategy and planning.

Hodge is developing learning and training modules, as they aim to spread the options available for those looking for loans in retirement.

Jon Tweed, sales director at Hodge Lifetime, said: “As the need for professional advice in retirement continues to grow we are delighted to be working with the Later Life Academy in the area of lending in retirement and in particular, the retirement mortgage.”