Chalk to stand for ERC standards board election

The Council states: “Individuals are not appointed to the Board as representatives of their employing firms, but are expected to understand and contribute to the work of the Council overall, in addition to representing their particular sector effectively.”

Chalk has dedicated the past 11 years to advising on equity release within small, medium and large firms.

He said: “With 2/3 of membership comprised of advisers, I believe that it is crucial for the person assuming the role of ‘Adviser Representative’ to actually be a practicing equity release adviser themselves. This is the only way of ensuring that advisers are truly represented and in this respect I hope that my fellow members will nominate me so that I may serve them as the first person fully meeting such criteria.

“If elected I shall form an Adviser Member’s-only Discussion Group for us to openly debate and discuss topics affecting our role and the services our clients receive.“