Bridgewater takes Masterclass event to Bournemouth

The free half-day event features a selection of speakers including Simon Tranter, Grainger’s risk and compliance officer, who will analyse MMR rules, its impact on equity release and the suitability of advice from a provider’s point of view.

Jeremy Davies, joint managing director of Symponia meanwhile will cover the long-term care marketplace and how equity release can play a part in funding a client’s needs.

Chris Prior, manager of sales and distribution at Bridgewater Equity Release, will look at a variety of issues including how to generate and convert more leads and how best to put in place a strong introducer network.

Prior said: “By the time our Masterclass sessions begin in Bournemouth our industry will have had close to one month under the new MMR rules and these series of presentations give attendees a chance to hear about the new environment, their place in it and how providers are reacting to the new rules.

“It is also an opportunity to learn more about the growing number of solutions that can be addressed by equity release and to gain some insight into the ways in which they can grow their business volumes.

“The South Coast of the UK is home to many retired people and has a growing number of equity release advisers active in this.”