Christmas lights and music may hinder your property sale

Christmas lights and music may hinder your property sale

Over half (51%) of Britons would be deterred from buying a property that is coated in excessive Christmas lights and decorations, estate agent

eMoov surveyed over 1000 people on how Christmas lights, music and carol singers would impact their opinion of a property during the viewing process. They found 68% of people are turned off from buying a home with neighbours that play loud Christmas music

Russell Quirk, founder and chief executive of eMoov said: “It's slightly disheartening that so many Scrooge-esque buyers would be put off by Christmas lights or music when viewing a property and this may be because they act as a wider indicator of the inner aesthetics of the property and even the type of neighbourhood, particularly if they happen to be slightly tacky."

During the viewing process, 51% of potential homebuyers would be discouraged from a property if it had excessive Christmas lights.

Some 52% of people stated that an excessive arrangement of lights on numerous houses on a street would deter them from buying a property.

Similarly, 32% of viewers would be deterred by neighbours playing Christmas music.

Quirk added: “Perhaps it's a deeper influence than aesthetic appeal alone. The market always endures a period of seasonal hibernation in the run up to the festive season and those in the initial phase of their home search may be subconsciously deterred from a sale upon seeing Christmas lights, as it draws their focus towards the more pressing matters that come at this time of year.

“Regardless, it would seem that less is more when expressing your inner Santa this Christmas while trying to secure a buyer for your property, bah humbug indeed.”

However, 80% of people would not be deterred from buying a house if it has a chimney and 77% wouldn’t be put off by carol singers.