What is the value of the UK buy-to-let market?

And where in the UK can the most rented homes be found?

What is the value of the UK buy-to-let market?

The total value of the buy-to-let mortgage market stood at £41.3 billion in 2022, an 88% increase from 2013, new research suggests.

Government data, analysed by experts at Confused.com mortgages, shows that from the four UK nations, 15.29% of homes in England are privately rented, 14.9% in Scotland, and 14% in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, London has the most rented homes at 20.81% and the North East has the least at 13.27%.

The smallest rent-to-house price ration is in Blackpool at 1:237, while the biggest is in Cotswolds at 1:538.

Most rental properties are terraced houses, accounting for 46.1%, followed by purpose-build flats or maisonettes, accounting for 38.7%, according to the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Confused.com experts also noted that most landlords over the next two years are planning to keep their number of properties the same.

The research also shows that many landlords who plan to decrease their portfolio or leave the sector will do so due to recent (54.9%) and upcoming (52.8%) legislative changes. Meanwhile, compliance with legal requirements is high, with each floor in 98.8% of properties having smoke alarms. Data also shows there are electrical installation checks by a qualified tester in 91.4% of cases.