Virgin slashes B2L rates

Key changes include a 0.16% on its 60% loan to value 2-year fixed to 3.39%, a 0.50% reduction on its 60% LTV 3-year fixed rate to 4.09% and a reduction of 0.14% on its 60% LTV to 4.09%.

Virgin’s 2-year trackers are reduced to 3.09% up to 60% LTV, a reduction of 0.15%, and 3.39% up to 70% LTV, a reduction of 0.10%.

Peter Rogerson, savings and mortgages director at Virgin Money, said: “Buy-to-let remains a key segment of the mortgage market for Virgin Money, and we’re delighted to announce these rate reductions while retaining our offer of £500 cashback across the entire buy-to-let range.”

In total 12 separate products saw reductions of between 0.09% and 0.40%.