Renters are moving to less popular towns

These less popular locations, which can boast competitive rentals and good connections into major towns and cities, have moved up the popularity stakes, reporting an influx of movers in the final quarter of 2008.

Renters fearful of unemployment or faced with tightened credit are looking to more affordable towns to rent their next home. As a result, locations such as Croydon, Slough and Swindon, are also now tipped to benefit in the long run as renters often convert to buyers in the same location.

Jonathan Turpin, chief executive of, commented: “With the recession causing many people to review their financial situation, a number of cautious consumers are looking to secure more affordable rental accommodation now, to ensure they are in a more secure position to face the ongoing uncertainty.

“Locations such as Slough and Swindon, which may have previously been snubbed in favour of the more sought after likes of Windsor or Chippenham are now experiencing a revival as consumers look to take advantage of the lower rentals still available in these areas. In fact, with a number of these towns currently undergoing significant regeneration, those who choose to move to these areas now, may well opt to stay, even after the market improves.”