OneDome: Prepare for post-lockdown surge in virtual viewings

During current lockdown restrictions, virtual viewings have come into the fore, but this trend will not die out once lockdown ends, says OneDome.

OneDome: Prepare for post-lockdown surge in virtual viewings

The proliferation of virtual viewings of properties is only likely to continue when lockdown measures are eased, according to listing service provider OneDome Group.

During current lockdown restrictions, it is perhaps unsurprising that virtual viewings have come into the fore.

However, this is not a trend that will die out as soon as restrictions are lifted and physical viewings are able to resume, argued Babek Ismayil, founder and CEO of OneDome Group.

He said: "Due to the current lockdown restrictions, it's important that agents are able to seamlessly execute virtual viewings.

"There is, though, a high chance these types of viewings will remain popular once lockdown is over.

"For many properties, traditional in-person viewings will still be required.

"However, virtual viewings are very useful for prospective buyers who live far away from the property or those who want to get an initial feel of a home before deciding whether it is worth visiting."

This trend will, ultimately, help estate agents build business, according to Ismayil.

He said: "Virtual viewings can therefore help agents to identify the most serious buyers and potentially contribute towards speeding up transactions.

"All agencies should now be preparing and training staff for the post-lockdown market - being able to continue to offer professional virtual viewings should be an important part of this process."