HTB refinances £15m portfolio with Coreco

The client required £11m-plus, with a £1m capital raise for further property investment.

HTB refinances £15m portfolio with Coreco

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) and Coreco Commercial have completed a £15m portfolio refinance and provided additional funding for a professional landlord to grow their portfolio.


The client required £11m-plus, with a £1m capital raise for further property investment.

The deal necessitated a 74% loan-to-value (LTV) across lower yielding London assets.

Given the low yielding aspect of the portfolio, HTB and Coreco were able to structure the finance and use income top-up to meet the interest coverage ratio (ICR) requirement across the portfolio, maximising the leverage for the borrower.

Marcus Dussard, sales director at HTB, said: “This is the type of complex transaction we embrace.

"When it comes to more complicated lending propositions, it is a combination of the skills and expertise of our team, combined with excellent communication and, of course, the partnerships we have with our brokers that gets the job done.

"From the outset Coreco Commercial had a clear view of the client’s circumstances and what they needed to achieve.

"Coreco worked closely with us to structure the deal based on great information and close cooperation.

"Due to the complexities of the deal, we were able to fully review the deal and give approval subject to valuation giving the client certainty before proceeding to an expensive valuation.

"This demonstrates our ability to be flexible when the need arises and the case dictates.”

Julian Ingall, director at Coreco Commercial, added: “HTB worked through all the potential bumps in the road on this enquiry and thanks to the evidence provided by the client and the understanding of the project being relayed readily, we were able to work together to ensure all parties were comfortable with the deal.

"HTB were able to complete the deal within a matter of just a few months from start to finish – an incredible testament to the relationship held by the bank, their solicitors and ourselves!”