Avelo Trigold launches B2L sourcing tool

The Enhanced Buy-to-Let module will be available as an add on, running alongside existing sourcing functionality and providing users with the ability to add more detailed sourcing information and filters for BTL specific sources.

By working with the lenders directly Trigold has been able to ensure that key criteria such as applicant type, property type and tenancy type are included in sourcing which might otherwise be overlooked.

The new system, for example, will be capable of sourcing against the maximum properties per lender, total loan balances, taking company applications and the option to source based on rental income.

Chris Maggs, national account manager of Accord Buy to Let, said: “Buy to let criteria have become more sophisticated in recent years and sourcing systems have struggled to keep pace with all the changes.

“This has led to product and lender criteria increasingly being referred to in text notes on the sourcing systems, rather than in the filtering process to select the product which best suits the needs of the customer.

“We have been extremely encouraged by Avelo Trigold’s proactive approach in addressing this and were more than happy to collaborate on this project.

“We believe the enhanced Buy to Let solution has the ability to deliver what the BTL market really needs from one of the most comprehensive systems available in the market.”

Dave Miller, head of portal at Avelo said: “We are exceptionally proud of this new system.

“The broker is being given a tool which will take all the lender criteria into account in meeting the needs of a client; this will lead to a better initial fit with the customer requirements, better advice, better use of the adviser’s time, and higher acceptance rates from the lender.

“Enhanced BTL can differentiate between more applicant types, more property types, more tenancy types, can handle multiple properties in a portfolio and even differentiate between the ‘documentary evidence’ requirements for each lender. In this market it marks a step change in what sourcing systems can offer brokers.”

The new system launched on Friday 14th June 2013 and will be rolled out to all users of Avelo Trigold in a phased program over the coming weeks.