Young Charlie Latimer qualifies

Although the team has other MRICS qualified members Latimer is the first to train with them.

Peter Wade, chairman of the BLG, said this demonstrates how the group believes and invests in young talent.

He said: “This membership not only provides Charlie with an internationally recognised professional qualification, it also provides BLG’s customers comfort that they have access to individuals who maintain exemplary standards expected by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.”

Latimer added: “This has been over five years of hard work: I have completed a 3 year RICS accredited degree course, over 550 days ‘on the job’ experience, over 200 hours of CPD and undertaken my Final Assessment of Professional Competence presentation and interview.

“It is exciting to help get things built, I help BLG’s developers to take a building on plan and make it grow into reality – that is what inspires me.”