Simple checks failing

Too many landlords are failing to make simple checks on tenants before handing over the keys to their rental properties. This significantly increases the risk attached to every tenancy where the landlord has no idea about a tenant’s past financial history. A tenant check will investigate County Court judgments, bankruptcy and insolvency searches, linked addresses and name aliases as well as references from employers and previous landlords. This information provides a clear indication of whether a future tenant will be able to meet their rental payments.

If landlords do not feel able to make simple checks themselves, NLA Tenant Check is available as a comprehensive service to all landlords. For as little as £8, every landlord can reduce the risk of letting residential property.

David Salusbury, chairman, NLA, said: “Tenant checks should not be an optional extra for any landlord. If a potential tenant has a track record of not paying their rent or states they are employed when in fact they got sacked, the landlord should know. No landlord can afford to make the costly mistake of not checking on a tenant’s ability to pay the rent.”