Precise Mortgages launches exclusive panel

Initially the panel consists of four packaging companies who have been building close relationships with the lender, comprising BuildStore, Finance 4 Business, Only Bridging and y3s.

The packagers have been specifically selected for their expertise in the bridging and short-term lending market and will be advertised as a preferred route for brokers to use when submitting bridging or short-term lending business to Precise Mortgages.

Commenting, Alan Cleary, managing director of Precise Mortgages, said: “Members of the Premier Panel will receive the best service, our best procuration fees and around the clock attention so that they can deliver a great service to their brokers.

“We have six more packagers lined up to go on the panel shortly.

“Precise Mortgages deals with thousands of brokers, who in some instances do not deal with this type of business very often and would benefit from being able to speak to an expert packager to place their bridging or short-term lending cases.”