MFS joins AOBP

The firm brands its approach as ‘funding with finesse’ and prides itself on brokering very complex deals.

Paresh Raja, consultant for MFS, said: “We are a bespoke boutique lender that deals with the most challenging complexities of clients’.

“We look forward to working closely with AOBP to add new avenues for intermediaries.”

The addition of MFS has been welcomed by managing director of Finance 4 Business, Russell Martin.

Martin said: “I was immediately impressed with Paresh and MFS in our initial meeting at F4B’s head office.

“MFS are clear, concise and transparent, and their common-sense approach to underwriting is refreshing, as is their desire to work with the client in the event of difficulties arising.”

“I am delighted that MFS approached the AOPB to grow their business.

“MFS will be a very worthy and welcome addition to our growing number of lender members.”

Brightstar Financial chairman Rob Jupp added: “It’s fantastic to see the membership grow in the way it has.

“Whilst we remain inclusive, it’s encouraging to see that we are affiliating ourselves with the right kind of lenders.”