London Bus in Fight with High Street Banks

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Precise Mortgages suggested the intermediary market is losing mortgage market share to the high street. In response, Precise Mortgages will travel from Scotland to London from 21st to 29th November, stopping at key locations where brokers can climb aboard and hear from managing director Alan Cleary and sales director Roger Morris on how to fight back against the high street and protect their income.

Precise Mortgages continues to support the Intermediary market at every opportunity and has branded the outside of its bus with a consumer campaign aimed at the general public to encourage prospective customers to visit a mortgage broker rather than going to a High Street Bank.

Alan Cleary, managing director of Precise Mortgages, said: “We are 100% dedicated to the intermediary market and are serious about helping brokers to fight back. As the high street banks increase their marketing budgets the size of the intermediary mortgage market will decrease, now is the time to step up and show the banks that we mean business.”

Brokers can reserve their seat on the bus by visiting the homepage of

For every mile travelled on the bus, Precise Mortgages will donate one pound to the Broomstick Ball charity event in support of Cancer Research UK.