LendInvest trades over £6m in four months

LendInvests total was boosted with the recent completion of single trade of two loans worth a total of £1.45m to an institutional investor.

Across the two loans, the £1.45 million was lent out at a loan to value of 63% and secured by a registered first charge against residential properties in London.

The net return to the investor after accounting for LendInvest’s fees, was an annualised return of 9% per annum.

David Serafini, managing director of LendInvest, said: “This transaction shows the quality of the LendInvest platform - we were able to provide an investor with a return of 9% per annum, with the significant protection of being secured by a first charge against London residential property.

“The fact that LendInvest’s loans are secured against property, is meaning that our platform is proving to be very attractive for sophisticated investors that understand the risks of lending.”

Christian Faes, co-founder of LendInvest, added: “We are finding that the LendInvest platform is proving to be very popular with investors, and our secondary loans are proving to be particularly attractive.

“Through this, LendInvest allows investors to start earning a return straight away, rather than waiting for a loan to be ‘filled’ with investors.”