Finance 4 Business reveals new ownership structure

As founder of Finance 4 Business which was established 15 years ago, Russell Martin remains a shareholder.

Finance 4 Business reveals new ownership structure

Specialist finance firm Finance 4 Business has revealed a new ownership structure, placing at the helm CEO David Pinnington (pictured, left), and directors Melanie Johnson (pictured, right) and Paul Atkinson (pictured, middle right).


Finance 4 Business provides specialist mortgages, bridging finance and development finance.

Pinnington took over from Russell Martin (pictured, middle left) as CEO in March this year, after joining the business in 2017, and has now partnered with Johnson and Atkinson, in addition to investment from  shareholding investor Darryl Eales, a finance figurehead and former CEO, and latterly Advisory Chairman of LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group.

As founder of Finance 4 Business which was established 15 years ago, Martin remains a shareholder.

Pinnington said: “It’s been a momentous year for us, with the launch of the ARMCO group, which we are part of, giving us access to synergistic services such as corporate support, land procurement and development, and insurance services – enabling us to offer clients a truly holistic approach to a range of scenarios in an increasingly complex business landscape.

“We feel this has significantly enhanced our offering and contributed to our success.

"This, combined with the expertise and experience of Melanie and Paul, who have been with Finance 4 Business under Russell Martin’s ownership for more than a decade, means that we are a strong team to drive the business forward.

"We will continue our mission to help investors, developers and businesses capitalise on the opportunities that are emerging in the property market."

Melanie said: “As a long-term member of the Finance 4 Business team, and abreast of all operational elements, I feel my experience and knowledge in this area is vast and that as an owner of the business, I can bring a lot to the company growth strategy and vision.

"It’s great to be able to move forward in a more hands-on role and help drive the direction of the business.”

Martin said: “Finance 4 Business was my original baby and I’m proud of what I have achieved over the years in helping to make it the business it is today.

"But it’s time to fully hand the reigns to David, Melanie and Paul, who have been a major ingredient in the recipe for success and will continue to drive the business forward, catering for a market evolving at pace.”

Finance 4 Business has also unveiled a new brand identity, to signify the business’ new phase.

This has been carried through all the company’s channels, from its website and corporate signage through to social media profiles