FIBA Conference announces MPC member as keynote speaker

FIBA Conference announces MPC member as keynote speaker

New trade body, Financial Intermediary & Broker Association (FIBA), will have Bank of England MPC member, Michael Saunders as its keynote speaker at its  inaugural annual conference on the 17 January 2018 in London.

The conference will bring together lenders and intermediaries, including members of the AOBP whose membership will move to FIBA, and show how it can benefit them and convey the aims of the association.

Saunders has been a member of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) since August 2016 and was UK economist at Citigroup from 1990 to 2016.

A spokesman for the FIBA executive committee said: “We are delighted to welcome Michael Saunders to speak at the Association’s first conference.

“The event is an opportunity not only to hear on record from an MPC member at the heart of shaping economic thinking in the UK, both now and in a post Brexit future, but also to understand from FIBA’s Executive Committee how brokers and lenders can and will benefit from a close relationship with FIBA.”

From a small group of nine, Saunders is one of four external members appointed directly by the chancellor.