FIBA adds overseas mortgage advice facility to member benefits

FIBA adds overseas mortgage advice facility to member benefits

Trade body for UK finance specialists FIBA has added overseas property and finance specialist, Simon Conn, to its expanding list of member benefits.

Conn has been in the overseas property market for more than 35 years. FIBA Members can now access overseas mortgage services for their clients along with an enhanced commission fee on completion.

Adam Tyler, FIBA executive chairman, said: “I am absolutely delighted to introduce our latest Member benefit. Simon Conn, is the UK’s leading overseas property professional and financial adviser and has joined our Member Benefits panel to offer enhanced overseas mortgage services.”

Conn has developed many connections within the overseas property and finance industry, resulting in a worldwide network of leading specialists to assist with local issues such as legal, insurance and currency exchange.

Through his detailed understanding of different countries lending criteria, he can offer access to a wide range of mortgages in more than 50 countries.

Tyler added: “We are keen to provide our Members with the right connections in the specialist finance industry and the ability to work with an expert in the overseas mortgage market is a welcome addition and should create additional opportunities.”