ASTL2014: FCA seconds consultation out this month

Speaking at the Association of Short Term Lenders annual conference in London Blackwell said the regulator was currently in the process of readying its consultation on how the market will report its figures and be regulated in the future.

From January 2015 the first charge industry will fall under a new reporting system but Blackwell would not confirm details on the plans for seconds.

She said: “We are currently preparing to launch our consultation on the second charge industry which will be out later this month.

“Our policy team will come out and speak to the industry as part of this process.”

But whilst she would not confirm the details of the rollout of second charge reporting it may be relatively quick.

In closing she said: “I look forward to coming back and talking to you about what the data says next year.”

The next ASTL conference will be held in September 2015.