ASTL reveals conference date

The Association of Short Term Lenders is set to hold its fourth annual conference on 22 September 2016, following the sell-out of last year’s event.

This year’s conference, entitled ‘Lending in an uncertain world’, is again being held at Painter’s Hall in London and will address how the world is continuing to change at an unprecedented rate and why this will increasingly affect the long and short term mortgage industries.

Last year’s conference was sold out in advance, attended by more than 160 people and speakers for this year’s conference will be announced shortly.

The conference will reveal key insights from an array of industry experts who will discuss the current market and the state of the economy. They will also talk about how global factors as well as issues closer to home including property prices will have an impact on consumer sentiment and the economy as a whole.

Benson Hersch, chief executive of the ASTL said: “Although the demand for long and short term loans is on the rise, recent changes including the MCD and the impending EU referendum have clearly impacted the market and are continuing to pose new challenges. We are in an uncertain macroeconomic and geopolitical environment which is resulting in heightened risks and divergent growth, and it is therefore important that we do not become complacent.  While we can remain cautiously optimistic, the more information we can access, the better our businesses will be able to withstand the changes and uncertainties of the future.

“The conference will be a great opportunity for attendees to once again join a wide range of policy and decision makers, giving them the chance to hear from experts on the current state of the economy, the housing market and wider predictions of what might come our way and what we can do about it.”