Mortgage Intelligence expands adviser tool offerings

Collaboration with Mortgage Brain allows it to provide its network members access to Criteria Brain and Affordability Brain

Mortgage Intelligence expands adviser tool offerings

Mortgage network services provider Mortgage Intelligence has recently announced the addition of Criteria Brain and Affordability Brain software to its suite of free tools for network members.

The move underscores the collaborative approach between Mortgage Intelligence and mortgage technology provider Mortgage Brain, allowing the former’s network members access to the tools, along with Mortgage Brain’s software, including The Key and Sourcing Brain, at no extra cost.

Criteria Brain helps advisers determine which lenders’ criteria match their clients’ needs, improving accuracy and saving time, while Affordability Brain simplifies the calculation of clients’ borrowing potential across multiple lenders, providing a comprehensive view of options.

Mortgage Intelligence said the package aims to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and support advisers in offering tailored mortgage solutions.

“Our priority at Mortgage Intelligence has always been to empower our advisers with the tools they need to succeed,” said John Cupis (pictured left), managing director of Mortgage Intelligence. “By providing Criteria Brain and Affordability Brain free of charge, we are further enhancing the value of our membership and demonstrating our commitment to supporting our network with the best technology available.”

Zahid Bilgrami (pictured right), chief executive of Mortgage Brain, also welcomed the collaborative effort with Mortgage Intelligence.

“We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Mortgage Intelligence,” Bilgrami said. “Providing their network members with access to our full suite of software will undoubtedly aid advisers in delivering more precise and efficient service. This initiative exemplifies our shared goal of leveraging technology to drive the mortgage industry forward.”

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