Halifax enhances DIP offering on Submissions Brain

New enhancements allow intermediaries to submit DIPs for self-employed applicants

Halifax enhances DIP offering on Submissions Brain

Tech firm Mortgage Brain has announced three significant enhancements to Halifax Intermediaries’ decisions in principle (DIPs) offering on its Submissions Brain platform.

The new enhancements enable intermediaries to submit DIPs for applicants who are self-employed. The form will capture self-employed data and brokers will receive a decision back through Submissions Brain.

Other enhancements include the ability to edit and reprocess a case, and retrieve a DIP certificate, all via the online platform.

Submissions Brain is a multi-lender application and submission gateway for mortgage brokers that allows advisers to request DIPs and submit full applications directly to partner lenders, all through a single login. It also maintains an audit trail to ensure that compliance requirements are met.

The platform is free for all intermediaries through a standalone user interface, and for Mortgage Brain customers who seek the benefits of pre-population.

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“By working with Mortgage Brain to extend the Halifax Online DIP through Submissions Brain with these additional features, we can deliver efficiency benefits for intermediaries using this route,” Claire Cherrington, head of intermediaries distribution development at Halifax, commented.

Neil Wyatt, sales and marketing director at Mortgage Brain, added that these additional enhancements to Halifax’s online DIP via Submissions Brain significantly increase the number of decisions that can be submitted via the service and, as such, will add greater efficiency and time savings for brokers using the service.

“Halifax is committed to improving the digital mortgage journey for consumers and intermediaries alike,” Wyatt said. “We now have 10 lenders on Submissions Brain, and with our current pipeline, we’ll increase this significantly by the end of the year.”