Sophisticated broking prevails

It is essential to find the best solutions to have a successful future.

Sophisticated broking prevails

Russell Martin (pictured) is managing director at Finance 4 Business

We recently featured in the latest issue of the Parliamentary Review, something we as a business are proud of. Not only is this an esteemed publication, but one that allows us to have a voice listened to by an audience of policymakers and those who have the power to effect change.

In this review, we discussed how we have stood out from the crowd by offering services that are useful to those who do not suit high street lender criteria and how we were at the forefront of the new sophisticated broking ‘movement’.

We highlighted how we are keen to provide genuine help by offering some of the most competitive and flexible solutions the market has to offer. It is key to ensure that those who feel they have reached a dead end know that there are far more options available to them. This was the key message I wanted to get across.

We are first and foremost an advisory service. This means that we want to bring our clients to a stage where they feel confident taking the next step. We want to develop relationships rather than hinder them, that is why we do not charge upfront fees.

We ask for a cost when a transaction is successfully completed. Ethics are at the heart of what we do, and this brings along both a trust from clients but also a better reputation.

Following this idea that sophisticated broking prevails, we hired a compliance manager to oversee all transactions and help ensure the financial safety of clients which we have found hugely beneficial.

It is key to ensure that as we all strive towards a better reputation and practices that we work seamlessly with regulatory directives rather than seeking ways to evade and circumvent them.

A more sophisticated approach of broking in a tech savvy world we think is the best way of staying strong in a time of uncertainty and weathering the storm. We have survived the hard times, and I believe it is these difficult times which create conditions less effective firms cannot endure, leaving behind the strongest companies.

Almost like a survival of the fittest. We have seen some of the less personable companies flounder in such times.

Moving forward with this sophisticated approach we intend to introduce a fuller offering for our clients including services that are not strictly related to finance.

However, I am always wanting to keep our commitment to finding the best solutions even in this time of change to have a successful future.