In case things don’t go like Clockwork (Orange)

Unwelcome surprises can happen at any stage.

In case things don’t go like Clockwork (Orange)

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant

Is a segment of orange a much-needed flavour boost in a plain salad or simply an accident? It felt as though it was placed there to test me as it was hidden underneath the traditional mixed salad ingredients (salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes etc.).

I have been on my travels and I know many of you think that I rarely leave the closeted existence of our capital city, but last week took me to a Yorkshire town that I have never visited before and it is where the citrus surprise occurred.

Thankfully, in our sector, regulation has stopped many unwelcome surprises for brokers and borrowers, but there is always more you can do.

For those brokers who operate out of estate agency offices, developer sites or just get leads from these sources, many of the people you will see have never bought a property before.

Challenge yourself to ask can you do more to help these customers understand the process better, as in my experience, I wouldn’t leave this for others to sort. Unwelcome surprises can happen at any stage of the still lengthy process of buying a home, so could you explain where the potential issues can occur and why?

Helping such customers at at such an important time of their lives should gain you a customer for life and open up many opportunities for referrals either via word of mouth, online reviews or directly via a scheme you’ve instigated (read some of my previous blogs on this if you’re unsure how to do the last two).

Don’t be the one who forgets about the orange under the salad leaves and allows a customer to have an unpleasant surprise.