Breaking free from a bad reputation

Tim Wheeldon is managing director of Fluent Money


Establishing a reputation for efficient, attentive customer service is a daunting prospect for any business.

However, an even greater challenge is posed for those in the financial sector, as they attempt to manage perceptions in the shadow of the unforgiving British press.

The lending sector remains under an incredible amount of scrutiny in mainstream media, some of it warranted, but a lot of it not.

As a result, many lenders and brokers are feeling the strain when it comes to generating a positive response from potential customers.

In order to combat existing misconceptions about the industry, it is vital that brokers are upfront about the loan process every step of the way. Businesses are in a position to transform their customers’ initial reservations about borrowing by appealing to them on a personal level.

An open attitude to customers is how Fluent Money has established its own reputation for excellent customer service.

With a market-leading Smartphone App and stringent customer feedback processes, Fluent Money has been able to keep steady track of customer satisfaction. Happy customers mean business growth, so these services are not gimmicks, but an essential business strategy to guarantee business in the future.

Fluent Money has recently launched a new five-star Amazon-style rating system, which has seen an overwhelmingly positive response. We then extended the feedback to include comments on our underwriters and case managers, to enforce the importance of great customer-facing service.


The impression of a faceless financial sector is one that the press will continue to perpetuate, but brokers and lenders have the opportunity to contradict them with open, personal customer service. Taking the time to put customer first, and letting them know that you are doing so, is an integral part of your business model and is always guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction.