How to get the most out of your CeMAP training course

Here is what your CeMAP training course will include. We’ll also go over how much you’ll need to invest in terms of cost, time, and effort

How to get the most out of your CeMAP training course

The CeMAP is the industry standard for becoming a mortgage adviser in the UK. Getting a CeMAP qualification increases your career opportunities and earning potential. It also signals to employers and prospective clients that you will give sound mortgage advice.

When studying for your CeMAP, there are a few things to keep in mind that will give you the best possible chance for success in this industry.

In this article, we will look at what is included in CeMAP training courses and the different options available to you. We will also look at cost, duration, and difficulty in getting your CeMAP. Here is everything you need to know.

Introduction to CeMAP certification

The certificate in mortgage advice and practice, or CeMAP, is the industry standard to become a mortgage adviser in the UK. The CeMAP is designed for anyone who wants to work as a mortgage adviser or in a related financial role.

The CeMAP is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and demonstrates a person’s understanding of the mortgage market, industry regulations, and ethical practices. If you have the CeMAP, you are showcasing your competence and commitment to providing clients with quality mortgage advice.

The CeMAP covers numerous topics, including the mortgage application process, mortgage products, interest rates, and ethical conduct. The purpose of CeMAP is to maintain high standards within the mortgage advice industry. It is also designed to help you protect consumers.

CeMAP qualification structure

To give you a good idea of what to expect, let’s look at the CeMAP qualification structure:

  • CeMAP is an RQF Level 3 qualification that is accredited by Ofqual and awarded by the London Institute of Banking & Finance.
  • The qualification is divided into seven units spread out over three modules. You can study at your own pace via self-study, live webinar, or in a traditional classroom.
  • Every module is assessed through a two-hour multiple-choice exam. The exam can be taken at more than 150 locations throughout the UK. You can also take the exam anywhere you like through remote invigilation.
  • Once you pass the exams, you will be awarded the CeMAP certification. At this point, you can add the designation CeMAP after your name. The designation indicates to potential employers and future clients that you are qualified to work as a mortgage adviser.

How long does a CeMAP course take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a CeMAP course depends on you. Factors like your commitment and your level of understanding will determine how long it takes you.

However, on average it takes anywhere from three months to nine months to complete CeMAP. Because the qualification can also be completed online, you can do it anywhere at any time, at your own pace. All you need to complete a CeMAP course sooner than later is a reliable internet connection.

How much is a CeMAP course?

CeMAP participants typically pay separately for training and exams. CeMAP prices also vary depending on the training method and the school. However, remote options are generally more cost-efficient compared to in-person courses.

You will likely pay about £202 per module when it comes to exam fees. You also have the option to pay for the three modules in advance, which will cost you £606. If you want to retake the exam, you will have to spend an additional £170 each time.

CeMAP training course: three modules

CeMAP has three modules. Here is a breakdown of each CeMAP module so that you what to expect.

Module one

The first CeMAP module will provide you with fundamental knowledge of mortgages, finance, and banking. Module one consists of two units. The first unit gives you a general overview and an introduction to financial products. Unit two teaches you about financial regulations, services, and standards.

Module two

The second module gives you a more in-depth understanding of mortgages as financial products. Module two also compares mortgages to other financial products.

When you successfully complete the second module, you should have the knowledge and skill necessary to help customers assess their situation. You will also be able to solve any financial issues that arise and explain mortgage regulations.

Module three

Module three of CeMAP is designed to test your skills and knowledge in practice. For instance, module three may present you with realistic scenarios as a mortgage adviser. It will help you use your knowledge in finance. It will also support the development of your interpersonal skills and your customer service.

Is CeMAP equivalent to a degree?

The CeMAP diploma is equivalent to a Level 4 qualification on the UK’s Regulated Qualifications Framework, or RQF. While there is no direct comparison, a CeMAP diploma is roughly equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree program.

CeMAP training course: career opportunities post-certification

Let’s say you already hold a Level 3 CeMAP qualification and are not sure if you want to take the next step and sign up for a CeMAP diploma. In this case, you should consider the advantages of this industry benchmark qualifications.

In this section, let’s outline three of the key benefits of a CeMAP diploma.

More career opportunities

Earning your CeMAP diploma shows that you have taken the initiative to go a step further. Gaining additional qualification makes you a better prospect both for employers and prospective clients.

In other words, by earning the CeMAP diploma and developing a deeper understanding of the mortgage industry, you give yourself more career opportunities. That could mean going it alone as a self-employed mortgage adviser or as part of a larger firm.

Higher earning potential

As a part of the increase in career opportunities, a CeMAP diploma may help you enhance your earning potential. For instance, it could be through accelerated career progression within a specific firm.

Not only that, but you will likely have the knowledge, and therefore the confidence, to set up your own mortgage advisory business. If successful, you will likely see a significant increase in your earning potential.

More visibility

Earning a CeMAP diploma is a good way to differentiate yourself as a top mortgage adviser in a crowded market.

Level 3 CeMAP qualifications are respected within the industry. However, additional qualification brings about a higher level of professionalism and credibility. Those traits shouldn’t be overestimated. The reason is that your services involve helping clients make one of the most important financial decisions they will likely ever make.

If you revise effectively, you should be able to pass each module in your CeMAP training course without any issues.

If you revise effectively, you should be able to pass each module in your CeMAP training course without any issues.

Is CeMAP hard to pass?

CeMAP is not necessarily hard to pass. There are three CeMAP modules, each with a pass mark of about 70%. If you revise effectively, you should be able to pass each module.

Typically, those who work in the mortgage industry have an easier time passing the exams compared to those who are new to the industry. Experienced mortgage advisers can draw on their professional experience.

How long is CeMAP valid for?

After your successful application, CeMAP is valid for an indefinite period. Anyone investing in CeMAP training courses will be pleased to see a sound return on their investment.

The CeMAP Pro, on the other hand, is valid for 12 months after your successful application. One month before expiry of your current CeMAP Pro status, you will receive a renewal invitation email.

CeMAP training course: the industry standard

The CeMAP training course is the industry standard for qualifications to becoming a mortgage adviser in the UK. And getting your CeMAP diploma is one better. Not only will you generate more career opportunities, but you will also have a higher earning potential and stand out from a crowded field.

Whichever CeMAP training course you pursue, preparation is the first step on your journey in your new career as a mortgage adviser in the UK. Reading our article on how to become a mortgage adviser is a good start.

To find out more about the certificate in mortgage advice, get in touch with one of the mortgage professionals we highlight in our Best in Mortgage section. Here you will find the top-performing mortgage professionals across the UK.

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