How I became a broker – Clive Read's story

"I enjoyed all things property and mortgage related"

How I became a broker – Clive Read's story

Clive Read established his company, Goldmanread Mortgage Brokers, in 2009 with the aim of building an organisation that prioritises delivering exceptional and personal mortgage broker services to professional clients.

Like many others who now manage their own broker firm, Read (pictured) used to work for bigger financial advice companies. Providing mortgage and protection advice across a diverse range of clients, he really enjoyed all things property and mortgage related. Here is how his journey into the mortgage industry all began.

Getting into the industry

Read started providing financial advice in the UK in 1995, with pensions and investments provider Clerical Medical. After that, he worked as an international independent financial adviser (IFA) for a number of years, in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

When he returned to the UK in 2003, for family reasons, a friend who worked for John Charcol enticed him to join the well-known mortgage broker.

“I enjoyed the culture of Charcol, and really enjoyed all things property and mortgage related,” said Read.

However, despite the success that he had there, Read decided to leave after six years and set up on his own, to provide a personal and holistic service to his clients.

Motivation to continue as a broker

“I get a real buzz from helping my clients achieve their property goals,” Read shared. “It really means a lot for me to work with first-time buyers and home movers to help them move up the property ladder.

“I’m sure all mortgage brokers will tell you that they become personally invested in their client’s journey, which can be good and bad. Providing absolutely first-class, memorable service makes my job more enjoyable.”

Read added that while the mortgage advice industry was sometimes much maligned, he felt it provided an essential service in helping clients become materially wealthier.

“It feels fantastic to see someone who started out as a first-time buyer at the bottom of the ladder gradually improve their position over the years,” he said. “It’s simply a great business to be in which, at the end of the day, is all about people.”

Looking to the future

Having started Goldmanread as a general broker, Read said the business had been pivoted to appeal to the professional market.

“We have been developing our website content and knowledge to provide first-class service and information to those professionals who need help with their mortgage finance,” he stated. “We see this as a niche that we will continue to develop as its both enjoyable and rewarding.”

Read also shared that it was looking to add an IFA arm to the company so that it can assist clients, not just with mortgage advice, but provide them with access to good investment advice. It’s hoped want to further develop its protection proposition too.

“The COVID pandemic has made many people wake up to the risks that ill health poses to their financial well-being,” he pointed out. “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver great protection advice to our clients.”

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