Home movers satisfied with conveyancing services – study

But smaller proportion understand what conveyancing entails

Home movers satisfied with conveyancing services – study

Three in four home movers, or 75%, are satisfied with the services provided by their last conveyancing solicitor, with a similar number indicating they would opt for the same firm in future transactions, according to research by the HomeOwners Alliance.

In the recent survey of 2,000 UK adults, conducted for the National Conveyancing Week (NCW) and aimed at assessing the public’s understanding and satisfaction with conveyancing services, it was revealed that only 40% of UK adults understand what conveyancing entails.

That figure slightly increases to 52% among homeowners, despite their direct involvement in the conveyancing process during property transactions.

Misunderstandings about the role of conveyancers were common among respondents, with 48% unaware that conveyancers represent both the buyer and the mortgage lender, and 40% mistakenly believing that conveyancers are responsible for structural checks on properties.

Many expressed a desire for improvements in the conveyancing process, including speedier transactions, more frequent updates, and clearer explanations of legal procedures. Common complaints included delays in property chains, lack of documentation, and slow responses from sellers and mortgage lenders.

National Conveyancing Week, scheduled for March 11 to 15, 2024, aims to enhance understanding of conveyancing services, advising the public on what to expect and how to access these services. NCW will feature online meetings, events, and an open day on March 13, encouraging interaction between conveyancing firms and stakeholders such as mortgage advisers and estate agents.

Rob Hailstone (pictured), organiser of the National Conveyancing Week, emphasised the positive reception of conveyancing services but noted the need for greater public education on conveyancing roles and expectations.

“Part of the focus of National Conveyancing Week will be about highlighting ‘best in class’ conveyancing firms which clients can have confidence in instructing, but also trying to help firms put themselves in the shop window more consistently, plus of course improving service levels through better communication,” Hailstone said.

“Overall, we want to use NCW to support firms’ activities, to help drive greater levels of business, forge stronger relationships, and educate clients so they go into this process clear and confident on who to use, the service they are receiving, what they pay for, and to ultimately be satisfied with the end result.”

Paula Higgins, chief executive of the HomeOwners Alliance, underscored the crucial role of conveyancers in property transactions and called for increased awareness to correct misconceptions.

“You can’t buy or sell a home without using a conveyancer and while it’s great to receive good news that the conveyancing service is improving for clients, more needs to be done to raise awareness of what conveyancers do,” she said. “I’m particularly alarmed that 40% of people wrongly believe the conveyancer will check the structure of the building. This is the job of the surveyor, not the conveyancer.”

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