Gemma Harle

Upskilling needed to service future customer journey

While mortgage advice has a fantastic future it’s important for advisers to roll with the times.

Upskilling needed to service future customer journey

Different disciplines… shared responsibilities

Networks are better placed to introduce new blood into the industry, larger DAs earn respect for their technical efficiencies and smaller DAs are renowned for the personal touch they bring to the table

Different disciplines… shared responsibilities

Communication breakdown

In this ever-accelerating world of digital communication is the mortgage process stuck in the past?

Communication breakdown

Let's work together on credit checks

Is it time for a common approach on credit checks?

Lenders should leave LTIs alone

There is no dispute over the fact that lenders need to keep their books balanced, but surely this can be better achieved through realistic affordability parameters and clearly-defined lending criteria?

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Some lenders are placing too great an emphasis on their own internal measures such as conversion rates and the time taken to send in outstanding documentation

Making finance easier for self-builders

Partnership is key for PRS success

How long will it last?

Building quality is a challenge for recovery