Buckinghamshire Building Society

Office address: High Street, Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire HP8 4QB 
Website: www.bucksbs.co.uk 
Year established: 1907 
Company type: financial services 
Employees: 50+ 
Expertise: buy-to-let mortgages, contractor mortgages, first-time buyer mortgages, family assist mortgages, later-life lending, self-build mortgages, non-standard credit mortgages 
Parent company: N/A 
CEO and key people: Dan Wass (CEO), Dick Jenkins (chair), Eric Leenders (vice-chair and NED), Scott Morton (finance director), Andy Lucas (senior independent director), Rebecca McBride (NED), Jo Carter (NED) 
Financing status: N/A 

Buckinghamshire Building Society is a mutual organisation headquartered in Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire, operating across the UK. Owned by its members and not shareholders, it primarily provides a variety of mortgage solutions and savings accounts. The society is comprised of over 50 employees and 11,400 members, with over £355 million in assets as of 2022. 

History of Buckinghamshire Building Society 

Buckinghamshire Building Society was originally founded as Chalfont & District Permanent Building Society in 1907. Established by local businessmen in Chalfont St. Giles, the society sought to focus on growth and adaptation to meet changing customer needs. In 1960, the society moved to its current headquarters, and in 1961, they were renamed Buckinghamshire. 

Buckinghamshire Building Society introduced its internet and postal accounts in 2007. The society celebrated its centenary that same year, commemorating its longevity and sustained relevance. More recently, in 2015, it launched a range of retirement mortgages, continuing its tradition of evolving with the times. 

Products and Services of Buckinghamshire Building Society 

Buckinghamshire Building Society provides a range of mortgage-related services that cater to customers' needs. Key offerings include: 

  • buy to let: offers mortgages for property investors, facilitating rental property acquisitions 

  • standard residential: provides traditional home loans for residential properties 

  • non-standard & impaired credit: caters to those with unique credit histories, offering tailored mortgage solutions 

  • deposit lite: lowers the barrier for entry with reduced deposit requirements 

  • joint borrower sole proprietor (JBSP): Enables family assistance in property purchase without shared ownership 

  • JBSP deposit lite: combines the benefits of JBSP with low deposit needs 

  • later life lending: specialises in mortgage products for retirees or those nearing retirement 

  • SPV lets: tailored for rental properties held within a special purpose vehicle 

Culture at Buckinghamshire Building Society 

The internal culture at Buckinghamshire Building Society is built on a foundation of teamwork and mutual respect. Their commitment to "doing the right thing" is a guiding principle that influences their operations and interactions with members, stakeholders, and the community. The society promotes these principles by also providing their employees comprehensive benefits, including: 

  • competitive salary 
  • holiday entitlement offers up to 25 days of holiday 
  • Group Personal Pension plan  
  • healthcare includes a BUPA Health Cash Plan
  • training and development 
  • staff recognition awards 

Buckinghamshire Building Society places great importance on accessibility by demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that their services are user-friendly and accessible to all. The society has integrated within its online platform the Recite Me toolbar, an accessibility software that provides many options to help users’ content consumption. Here are some of the features it offers: 

  • text-to-speech and text options 
  • colour, ruler & screen mask 
  • dictionary, translation & magnifier 
  • plain text mode, margins & audio download 

Buckinghamshire Building Society's commitment to the community is driven by a desire to contribute positively and support local initiatives. This engagement not only strengthens community ties but also reinforces the society's values of responsibility and support. Community initiatives include:  

  • Heart of Bucks: engages in supporting local community projects 

  • Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity: involved in fundraising activities 

  • Rennie Grove Hospice Care: supports through various charity initiatives 

  • Thames Valley Air Ambulance: participates in funding emergency medical services 

  • local schools: engages in educational programs 

  • local sports clubs: provides support to community sports teams and clubs 

About Buckinghamshire Building Society CEO Dan Wass and Key People 

Dan Wass, CEO of Buckinghamshire Building Society, brings over two decades of financial expertise to his role. His career includes significant positions at Nationwide, Barclays, UK Bank, and Woolwich, shaping a robust understanding of banking, insurance, and investments. He holds a geography degree from the University of Leeds. 

Supporting Wass are key figures who ensure the society's strategic goals are met: 

  • Dick Jenkins, as chair of the society, provides leadership and governance oversight, ensuring strategic objectives align with member interests 

  • Eric Leenders, as vice-chair and non-executive director, brings extensive banking experience, focusing on compliance and innovation 

  • Scott Morton, finance director, manages financial strategy and operations, crucial for the society's economic health 

  • Andy Lucas, serving as senior independent director, offers independent advice, enhancing the board's decision-making capabilities 

  • Rebecca McBride, also a non-executive director, contributes to policy development and strategic planning 

  • Jo Carter, as non-executive director, plays a key role in diversifying and strengthening the society’s service offerings 

The Future at Buckinghamshire Building Society 

Buckinghamshire Building Society is advancing its digital footprint by launching new online services for ease of customer access. It also introduced an impaired credit product to support individuals in challenging economic conditions, expanding market inclusivity. The society's robust involvement in community projects and partnerships, like WizeUp, reinforces its commitment to local engagement and financial education.  

Financial stability marked by positive results in 2023 enables ongoing enhancement of member services and community initiatives. Additionally, its support for Age UK Buckinghamshire and educational programs demonstrates a continued focus on community welfare and well-being. The society is likely set to grow significantly through new online services, broader loan options, and stronger community ties. 

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