The Best Mortgage Brokers in the UK

Broker brilliance

Mortgage Introducer recognises the Top Brokers of 2024, an elite group of driven high achievers who have collectively written £2.4 billion in home loans during one of the most challenging markets in recent times.

In the fiscal year ending 31 December 2023, the top 18 mortgage brokers wrote an average of 332 residential mortgages, with an impressive year-over-year growth rate of 110%.

This year’s top-tier brokers have honed strategies that contributed significantly to their exponential business growth and positioned them to stay ahead in this demanding lending environment. These strategies include:

  • referrals and networking

  • customer service

  • digital presence and marketing

  • adaptability

  • team growth and training


Industry expert Andrea Glasgow of Hampshire Trust Bank says, “One of the attributes that sets good brokers apart from the fantastic ones is creativity. If you have that and a ‘won’t say quit’ attitude, then you can make a dramatic difference to your clients.”

And Glasgow also underlines that despite brokers being at different stages in their careers, meaning they are either looking to build a clientele or focusing on servicing their existing one better, they have a shared outlook. 

“Without proactivity, it is incredibly difficult to stand out as a top broker, in my view,” she adds. “The mortgage industry has also been a people-oriented one, where relationships are as important in determining who we work with as the products or prices. You can’t fake it either; the brokers who genuinely care about their clients and go the extra mile for them are the ones that stand out from the crowd.” 

Karen Rodrigues from Market Financial Solutions, another industry expert, says, “It’s about being responsive and communicating with the client in the way they want. Then it’s having the knowledge to do a full fact-find so the recommendations they give are fulfilling the client’s needs or the majority of those that they possibly can.” 

What sets the UK’s best mortgage brokers apart?​​​​​​

John Murray – Firstxtra Financial Services
Rank #5 with 67% year-over-year growth

The director of mortgages’ motto encapsulates his success: be the hardest working person in the room.

“I always say it doesn’t feel like work because I love what I do, and I’m passionate about helping people,” Murray says. “There’s nothing like a bit of good, old-fashioned work, but you have to balance between having a high volume of clients and maintaining the quality of your work, giving the absolute best service you can and going that extra mile for them.”

Murray laments that good customer service can be hard to find, generally. Still, his ethos enables him to deliver an exceptional client experience by treating people how he wants to be treated. 

“This is an important job, and you’ve got to have that drive to improve and get better, being humble and using all the tools to find the right outcomes for clients”
John MurrayFirstxtra Financial Services


His client-first strategy also includes:

  • focusing on building long-term relationships

  • establishing trust through effective communication and building rapport

  • acknowledging loyal clients by offering flexible fee structures during renewals amid rising mortgage rates and costs


“My role as an adviser has never been about just telling people what I think they should do,” he says. “I’m passionate about education, and my discussions with clients are quite detailed and informative about how mortgages work.”

Anthony Mallandain – Skyline Mortgage Consultants
Rank #9 with 15% year-over-year growth

Having a resolute commitment to delivering outstanding client experiences and a strong online presence has helped drive the founder and managing director’s recognition as among the best mortgage brokers in the UK.

Over 100 5-star Google reviews from satisfied clients have contributed significantly to this broker’s success as potential clients turn to the internet for information and recommendations.

“Customer service is key for us,” Mallandain says. “It’s exciting to get a new client, but even more so to keep them.” 

“We provide value to clients by tailoring solutions, responding promptly and keeping them updated every step of the way”
Anthony MallandainSkyline Mortgage Consultants


The top broker has honed a client service approach that enables him to adapt to industry changes and provide quality advice by:

  • listening to and understanding their needs to tailor solutions

  • explaining complex concepts, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their options and obligations

  • offering specialised guidance to different client demographics, such as first-time buyers and self-employed individuals


“If you don’t pay attention to what clients want and just push what you think is best, it won’t work out,” Mallandain says. “They need proper guidance.”

Top mortgage brokers leverage established networks to stay ahead​​​​​​

Change comes fast in the UK mortgage market, and top brokers prioritise keeping themselves informed to serve their clients better.

Mallandain and Murray benefit from being part of strong broker networks, The Right Mortgage and PRIMIS, respectively. From webinars to in-person events on all facets of the industry, the networks provide invaluable resources and opportunities for professional development and remain at the leading edge of trends and challenges.

“We have to act quickly because things can change rapidly,” says Mallandain. “The Right Mortgage network is excellent and has strong compliance standards and monthly meetings to provide updates on the business and from the lenders.” 

Murray acknowledges that the significant changes in interest rates and market conditions demand ongoing education and training. He regularly meets with his colleagues to discuss best practices, sales processes and industry trends.

“If mortgage brokers want to be operating at a high level, we’ve almost had to become amateur economists more so than in previous years,” he says. “No two clients are the same, so you’re always learning.”

While Murray passes on his expertise to junior brokers as a mentor, Mallandain cites his mentor as instrumental in helping him interact with clients more effectively.

Defying odds and delivering results​​​​​​

Complex mortgage situations highlight top brokers’ skills and expertise as they work to find optimal solutions for their clients. 

Murray recalls a client who approached him for help after being disappointed with the services of other mortgage professionals who didn’t find them a solution.

  • Challenge: The client was on a high variable rate mortgage with their lender but needed a different solution due to the difficulties of accumulated debts and fluctuating earnings. The primary issue was affordability and being able to borrow their desired amount.

  • Solution: Recognising that the scenario wasn’t straightforward, Murray conducted an in-depth fact-finding mission with the client and discovered they were in line for a promotion, a pay raise and a monetary gift from family. With the ability to reduce their debt load, Murray applied with two lenders, but they declined. He didn’t give up and eventually found the best lender match for the client, ultimately saving them £1,100 a month with his advice and guidance.


“I believed that with the right level of attention and effort, I could get the best possible outcome for them,” he says.

Mallandain points out that every day seems to bring new challenges, particularly during these financially tight times.

  • Challenge: Staying up to date on fluctuating rates and ensuring clients are on the right one before finalising deals. He says the current market is especially hard for self-employed individuals and prioritises finding the right lender for each client.

  • Solution: There is no room for error, and Mallandain ensures every aspect of the deal is spot-on, so no one regrets their mortgage decisions down the line. He has profiled various case studies on his website, emphasising that he works with a diverse range of lenders, upward of 25, that cater to different client scenarios.


“Sticking with the basics is crucial right now, and I believe everyone needs proper advice; that’s the way forward,” he says.

Winning strategies put clients first

The best mortgage brokers raced ahead, gaining a competitive advantage during last year’s volatile market by navigating the rapid pace of change and ensuring their clients were informed with emails, newsletters and phone calls.

Murray underscores the main element guiding his approach: “We always want to do the right thing for the customer, and that’s at the heart of what we do. It’s a challenging market for everyone, so we’ve got to find these new ideas and opportunities, like introductions from estate agencies.”

He advocates for lenders to boost support quality through their business managers and call centre teams, offer a more diverse product range and enhance their technology to streamline the loan process.

In addition, Mallandain highlights the need for lenders to contribute to the industry’s overall client-centric focus. Lowering interest rates and instituting higher loan-to-income ratios, particularly for first-time buyers, would help brokers’ ability to serve a broader client base more effectively.

“The customer is paramount in everything we do,” Mallandain says. “I’m ensuring that referrals come from people genuinely satisfied with our services. It’s about consistency, maintaining our standards and attracting new clients so we can continue to grow and assist them with various financial needs.”


The Best Mortgage Brokers in the UK

Top Brokers 2024
  • Adam Evans
    Manchester Money
  • Akhil Mair
    Our Mortgage Broker
  • Arron Bardoe
    Trevor Downing Financial Management (IFA)
  • Daniel Sykes
    Mortgage 1st
  • Elliot Skinner
    Mortgage 1st
  • Gindy Mathoon
    Create Finance
  • Kylie-Ann Gatecliffe
    KAG Financial
  • Mandy Smith
    Mandy Smith Mortgage Advisor
  • Mark McLeod
    London & Country Mortgages
  • Matthew Riley
    MoneyQuest Mortgage Brokers
  • Michael Hayes
    Neal Hayes Mortgages
  • Monica Bradley
    MB Associates
  • Natalie Hines
    Premier One Mortgages
  • Oliver Page
    Mortgage 1st
  • Simon Harrison
    Trevor Downing Financial Management (UK)
  • Thomas Honour
    Thomas Honour Mortgage Services
Top Brokers 2024 – Listing in order
  • 1. Michael Hayes
    Neal Hayes Mortgages
  • 2. (tie) Gindy Mathoon
    Create Finance
  • 2. (tie) Mandy Smith
    Mandy Smith Mortgage Advisor
  • 2. (tie) Simon Harrison
    Trevor Downing Financial Management (UK)
  • 6. Monica Bradley
    MB Associates
  • 7. Matthew Riley
    MoneyQuest Mortgage Brokers
  • 8. Mark McLeod
    London & Country Mortgages
  • 10. Daniel Sykes
    Mortgage 1st
  • 11. Akhil Mair
    Our Mortgage Broker
  • 12. Natalie Hines
    Premier One Mortgages
  • 13. Arron Bardoe
    Trevor Downing Financial Management (IFA)
  • 14. Kylie-Ann Gatecliffe
    KAG Financial
  • 15. Adam Evans
    Manchester Money
  • 16. Thomas Honour
    Thomas Honour Mortgage Services
  • 16. Oliver Page
    Mortgage 1st
  • 18. Elliot Skinner
    Mortgage 1st



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To be considered for MI’s Top Brokers list, brokers were required to provide key details of their businesses in 2022 and 2023. These include the value of residential mortgages written, the number of residential mortgages written and the number of clients. To be eligible, brokers needed to be licensed, employed as mortgage brokers in 2023, and to have personally initiated all residential deals. 

The Top Brokers were determined and ranked based on the total value of residential loans settled in the 2023 calendar year, as well as the number of loans and rate of year-on-year growth.

MI’s ranking system rewards brokers based on business rather than critical mass, which ensures that the best brokers stand out regardless of size.