Best Women Mortgage Leaders in the UK |  Elite Women

Drivers of change

Through their expertise and passion, Mortgage Introducer’s Elite Women of 2024 demonstrate that female leaders in the mortgage industry are breaking gender barriers and achieving their goals. 

MI’s data reveals that the winners have risen through the ranks in the UK’s financial sector, with 58% now holding roles at director and senior management level. That represents a 23% increase in female executive representation over the past two years, a testament to the Elite Women’s success and drive to positively affect progress and change.

Women in Mortgages UK founder and Imogen Finance owner Kate Fuller highlights the attributes that anchor excellence in the 2024 Elite Women:

  • boosting visibility through event participation and networking

  • adopting a customer-centric approach

  • demonstrating comprehensive industry and product knowledge

  • mastering soft skills

  • contributing to the community through mentoring and community involvement


“You need to be willing to put your head up and be noticed and recognised for doing well within your area,” she says. “Ultimately, your efforts should lead back to delivering the best customer experience.”


Talent and passion at the heart of the UK’s best female mortgage leaders
Karen Rodrigues – Market Financial Solutions


Winning the Woman of Influence award once is an accomplishment, but for three-time winner Rodrigues, it affirms a lasting legacy.

“For me, it’s about giving back and adding value,” she says. “I want to be judged by my peers, whether male or female, and I think it’s massively important that we shout out women.”

In January 2023, Rodrigues was promoted to head of sales at Market Financial Solutions. Her problem-solving skills and solutions-oriented mindset shone as she evaluated and restructured the bridging finance provider’s teams to perform at their peak.

“It’s been great for me because I’ve been able to identify where the gaps were in knowledge or skill set, and everybody I’ve brought into the team has come with something to fill those gaps,” she says.

In her earlier role as the company’s national account manager, Rodrigues launched a national account proposition and negotiated large contracts with various networks and clubs while increasing brand awareness.

Her notable achievements and industry contributions include the following:

  • implementing anonymised CVs to eliminate bias as a member of the Diversity and Inclusivity Finance Forum

  • earning Level 5 coach certification

  • serving as a long-standing primary school governor


Inspired by the central theme of the movie Dead Poets Society – carpe diem, or seize the day – Rodrigues strives to make a positive difference in everything she does.

“That’s been my mantra: go for it and get what you can out of the day,” she says. 


Karen Rodrigues
“The goal isn’t to make a sale but to make a difference. It’s about building relationships and making a difference, whether it’s the broker or the consumer”
Karen RodriguesMarket Financial Solutions


Andrea Glasgow – Hampshire Trust Bank


This Elite Woman’s ascension in the mortgage industry has been nothing short of remarkable, since she started out as a cashier in retail banking 18 years ago. After receiving several rapid promotions, culminating in her July 2023 appointment as sales director of specialist mortgages at Hampshire Trust Bank, Glasgow has solidified her status as a trailblazer within the company and industry.

“My concern is that if we don’t do more to push the industry forward, it will revert to what it used to be, and we don’t want that,” she says. “We’ve done so much work to get where we are as females, so let’s continue that.”

Glasgow has assembled a team of business development managers who have risen to diverse industry challenges under her leadership. Her dedication to gender diversity has resulted in five new female BDMs on her team, achieving a balance of 50% female representation.

“I don’t think there’s anything more rewarding than seeing the team grow into their own and find their feet; seeing them smiling is a reward in itself, especially after the tough market last year,” she says. “If I can manage a team in that market and troublesome times, 2024 should be a breeze.”

Highlighted among her numerous accomplishments are the following:

  •  fostering an inclusive work culture that promotes gender equity and equality

  • playing an instrumental role in Hampshire Trust Bank’s sponsorship of Mortgage Introducer’s Women of Distinction award

  • dedicating efforts to raise awareness of and funds for several charities, including £2,799 for the St Barnabas Hospice 25km Midnight Walk 


Guided by the philosophy that you can’t grow if you don’t know, Glasgow encourages her team to share their expectations of her as a leader.

She says, “I like feedback, but I thrive on negative feedback about myself because it’s a challenge to change something and make it better. If it’s done in the right way and at the right time, it can be so powerful.”


Andrea Glasgow
“I’m nothing without my team, and my destiny to be successful is in the palm of their hands”
Andrea GlasgowHampshire Trust Bank


Confidence leads to standout performance

The Elite Women of 2024 have developed novel approaches and strategies, enabling them to reach the pinnacle of success, overcome hurdles and inspire others.

Confidence, states industry expert Fuller, is an attribute underpinning the ability to stand out.

“It’s important and can be difficult to develop, and imposter syndrome is real,” she says. “Learn as much as you can to become experts in your field. Don’t be afraid to speak out, ask questions and join groups that support and empower women.”

The focus on curiosity resonates with Glasgow, who never hesitates to ask about something she is unsure of. Other strategies that have also served her well are:

  • prioritising relationship-building

  • emphasising solutions

  • treating others as she wants to be treated


“You don’t need to overcomplicate things, and that’s what I’ve lived for for 18 years now,” she says. “I breathe that into my team every day. Build those relationships, and you will know who supports you, and you will support them in return.”

Fellow top mortgage leader Rodrigues strives to stay positive through challenging times, adopting the following strategies:

  • leading from the front

  • prioritising open and honest communication

  • promoting an open-door policy 


“I roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty,” she says. “My team is my number-one priority, and I need to ensure that we’re all delivering and doing a good job while also making sure they are enjoying it, and if they’re not, why not?”

Acknowledging the importance of attracting women and aspiring young mortgage leaders to choose a career in the industry, both Elite Women devote their time to various supporting endeavours, including school career days, speaking at public forums and appearing on panels.

Of 2024’s Elite Women who responded to whether they believe the industry has made strides in gender equity and equality, 65% said yes. However, they also point out that there is still a lack of role models for younger women, as evidenced by these comments:

  •  “Although it’s improving, there is an age and gender gap. The mortgage and financial services industries are ageing, and we must unite various people to make them more attractive to the younger generation”

  • “In my experience, it's not just my gender but also my status as an immigrant female that has made it challenging to achieve more in my career”

  • “There is a definite shift in the right direction, but until I attend an awards ceremony and there are fewer black ties and more dresses, there won’t be enough”

  • “It is imperative that we work towards a more inclusive and supportive environment where women’s experiences and accomplishments in leadership are openly acknowledged and celebrated to inspire the next generation”


The significant impact that Elite Women can have on the future is reflected in one winner’s response: “I have achieved everything I wanted to in my current company. It could be due to the leadership of an amazing female CEO. But I know many women in the industry who feel they have been overlooked for positions they deserved.” 


Best Women Mortgage Leaders in the UK |  Elite Women

  • Alison Houghton-Corfield
    Business consultant
  • Amy Crighton
  • Carolyn Thornley-Yates
    Head of Commercial Development and Distribution
    Stafford Railway Building Society
  • Charlotte Harrison
    Chief Executive Officer – Home Financing
    Skipton Building Society
  • Chloe Timperley
    Senior Policy Adviser
    The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries
  • Claire Cherrington
    Head of Strategic and Technology Partnerships
    Lloyds Banking Group
  • Clare Beardmore
    Director, Mortgage Club
    Legal & General
  • Cloe Atkinson
    Chief Operating Officer
    Mortgage Brain
  • Elise Coole
    Managing Director
    Keystone Property Finance
  • Eloise Hall
    Head of National Accounts
    Kensington Mortgages
  • Emma Roberts
    Head of Intermediary Relationships
    Connect For Intermediaries
  • Emma Smith
    Sales and Operations Manager
    Clever Mortgages
  • Esther Dijkstra
    Managing Director, Intermediaries
    Lloyds Banking Group
  • Francesca James
    Analytics Manager
    The Mortgage Brain
  • Gemma Cuff
    Gemstone Mortgages
  • Hannah Bashford
    Experienced, Impartial Mortgage and Protection Adviser and Owner
    Model Financial Solutions
  • Hazel Johnston
    Market Development Manager
    Legal & General
  • Helen Carter
    Head of Channel Engagement
  • Jess Rushton
    Head of Business Development
    Smart Money People
  • Jo Carrasco
    Business Partnerships Director
  • Joanne Hollins
    Head of Intermediary Mortgage Distribution
    Metro Bank (UK)
  • Kate Burns
    Mortgage and Protection Consultant
    KB Mortgage Services
  • Kate Cowan
    Chief Financial Officer
    Hope Capital
  • Kate Davies
    Executive Director
    IMLA – The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association
  • Kelly Pallister
    Managing Director, Operations
    Foundation Home Loans
  • Kharla Mullen
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Leoni Alexandrou
    Chief Operations Officer
    Karis Capital UK
  • Lesley Cappellaro
    Intermediary Regional Manager – West and North
  • Lesley Sharkey
    Recruitment Director
  • Lisa Stones
    Operations Director
    Mortgage 1st
  • Liz Syms
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Connect for Intermediaries
  • Louisa Sedgwick
    Commercial Director
    Paragon Banking Group
  • Louise Evans
    Head of Operations
    TMA Club
  • Maeve Ward
    Director of Commercial Operations
    Central Trust and Mercantile Trust
  • Megha Srivastava
    National Account Manager
  • Melanie Spencer
    Business Partnership and Growth Director
    One Mortgage System
  • Miranda Khadr
    Provide Finance and Yellow Stone Finance
  • Morgan Vinten
    Product Manager
  • Nicola Gauntlett
    Senior Mortgage Specialist
    Plus Financial Group
  • Nicola Goldie
    Head of Strategic Partnerships and Growth
    Aldermore Bank
  • Rachel Edwards
    Senior Policy Adviser
    The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries
  • Rachel McGovern
    Director of Financial Services
    Brokers Ireland
  • Rebecca Shuttle
    Principal Owner and Mortgage and Protection Broker
    MIMA Mortgage and Protection Advice
  • Roz Cawood
    Managing Director, Property Finance
  • Sabinder Robinson-Sandhu
    Director of Operations
    Avamore Capital
  • Sarah Butler
    Head of Marketing and Communications
    Hope Capital
  • Stacey Elizabeth Hoile
    Managing Director
    Engage Financial Solutions
  • Stacy Penn
    Senior Policy Adviser
    The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries
  • Tanya Elmaz
    Director of Intermediary Sales – Commercial and Personal Finance
  • Toni Smith
    Chief Distribution Officer
    PRIMIS Mortgage Network
  • Tracie Burton
    Senior Corporate Account Manager
  • Uliana Kuzmis
    Deputy Managing Director, Development Finance
    Hampshire Trust Bank
  • Vikki Jefferies
    Proposition Director
    PRIMIS Mortgage Network


As part of our editorial process, Key Media’s researchers interviewed the subject matter expert below for an independent analysis of this report and its findings.



Mortgage Introducer invited industry professionals from across the UK to nominate exceptional female role models for the third annual Elite Women list. Nominees had to be working in a role that related to, interacted with or in some way impacted the industry, and should have demonstrated a clear passion for their work. 

Nominators were asked to describe the nominee’s standout professional achievements over the past 12 months, their initiatives and innovations, and their contributions to the mortgage industry. 

After a thorough review of all the nominations, the Mortgage Introducer team narrowed down the list to the final 55 Elite Women who have made their mark in the industry.