Best In Mortgage - Annual Calendar

Elite Women

Elite Women will spotlight women leaders who have been making their voices heard in the industry. This survey is open to all women in the UK mortgage industry

Survey OpenOct 2, 2023

Survey CloseOct 27, 2023

Top 50 Brokers

The inaugural Mortgage Introducer Top Brokers showcase the top brokers in the UK based on criteria such as the total value of residential loans settled in the 2020 and 2021 calendar years; number of loans; and YoY growth. Open to all mortgage brokers in the UK. All figures to be submitted must be verified by their lenders.

Survey OpenFeb 19, 2024

Survey CloseMar 15, 2024


Top Mortgage Employers

Top Mortgage Employers will showcase companies across the UK that are employers of choice in their respective industries as voted by their employees. Open to all mortgage companies that operate within the UK with a minimum of 10 employees

Survey OpenApr 29, 2024

Survey CloseMay 17, 2024