Showcasing the best mortgage advisers in New Zealand

How 2023 Top Advisers' customer focus helps generate success

Showcasing the best mortgage advisers in New Zealand

NZ Adviser recognises the exceptional achievements of the Top Advisers for 2023. This year’s awardees were ranked based on the total value of residential loans settled from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.  

In a dynamic ever-chaining industry, the ability to excel across multiple dimensions is a hallmark of the best, and the mortgage sector’s standouts demonstrate expert knowledge, strong customer service orientation, and soft skills such as empathy and compassion.

Softer skills build trusting relationships that grow referral bases, and having a brand people can trust is a significant component in getting a pipeline to sales. 

Securing the No.1 spot is Paulette Trotter, a mortgage adviser from Loan Market Highland Park. With an outstanding team backing her, Trotter’s success is rooted in 30 years of client service, her strong and capable team, and simplifying and streamlining processes.

“My team and I have been aiming for it, and we finally got there. Good things take time,” says Trotter.  

Amanda (Mandy) Jordan, director, and shareholder at The Mortgage Supply Company Invercargill, who ranked No. 13, also acknowledges that it’s crucial to recognise her team’s strengths.

“We’ve all got our niche part of the process where we excel, and I don’t think you could write the volume we’re writing if we didn’t recognise that,” Jordan says. 

This year’s list of home loan heroes in New Zealand include: 

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