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NZ Adviser recognises the Top Advisers of 2023: esteemed members of the broking elite whose expertise, customer-first approach and boundless energy have propelled them to the top of their profession.

This year’s Top Advisers, ranked by the total value of residential loans settled from highest to lowest during the survey period, have excelled across a range of areas highlighted by industry expert Katrina Shanks, Financial Advice New Zealand CEO:

  • expert knowledge

  • strong customer service orientation

  • soft skills such as empathy and compassion

Paulette Trotter, Loan Market Highland Park
“We step up and make sure we help clients when they’re worried because there are solutions”
Paulette Trotter Loan Market Highland Park


“It’s about having a brand people can trust,” says Shanks. “The softer skills build those trusting relationships that grow their referral base, a big component in getting a pipeline to sales.”

Peter Norris, managing director and mortgage adviser at Catalyst Financial and a 2022 Top Adviser winner, has this advice for aspiring advisers: “Find your lane and run hard. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Be an expert in your area and focus on the client.”

All this guidance has been put into practice by 2023’s cohort, which has delivered impressive results.


Team spirit helps no. 1 mortgage adviser

Loan Market Highland Park mortgage adviser Paulette Trotter, who ranked no. 1, has been striving to land at the top of NZA’s Top Advisers list for several years.

“My team and I have been aiming for it, and we finally got there. Good things take time,” says Trotter, adding that she shares this accolade with her team. “I could not achieve those results without my phenomenal team.”

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Trotter’s outstanding success has at its heart a simple formula:

  • client service is paramount

  • building a strong and capable team

  • simplifying and streamlining processes

Another component of her top-rated success is that she emphasises efficiency from the first point of contact with a client, made possible with the educated use of technology. Trotter touts Loan Market’s CRM for its ease of use and the benefits a strong brand provides.

“Before I meet with the client, I already know what I can and can’t do for them,” she says.

For this best mortgage adviser, there is a focus on after-sales service. That means checking in with clients regularly throughout the year, starting on settlement day. Trotter’s attention to detail and efforts to make the client experience as seamless as possible have led to a solid referral business.

By keeping current with shifting market trends, Trotter’s deep understanding of the mortgage industry has allowed her to make suitable client recommendations.

“We step up and make sure we help clients when they’re worried because there are solutions,” says Trotter.

Amanda (Mandy) Jordan, The Mortgage Supply Company Invercargill
“The big thing is keeping the passion alive, and it seems easier when you’re genuinely invested in the client”
Amanda (Mandy) JordanThe Mortgage Supply Company Invercargill


Best mortgage adviser focuses on simple things

Amanda (Mandy) Jordan, who comes from a close-knit community, remarks that shopping for groceries is difficult without bumping into a client. She regularly chats with them, reflecting how she prioritises relationships and shows genuine interest in people.

Jordan, director and shareholder at The Mortgage Supply Company Invercargill, who ranked no. 13, acknowledges that it’s crucial to recognise her team’s strengths.

“We’ve all got our niche part of the process where we excel, and I don’t think you could write the volume we’re writing if we didn’t recognise that,” she says.

Like the other top mortgage advisers, Jordan possesses the communication skills to understand client needs, explain complex mortgage solutions clearly, and keep them informed at every stage of the journey.

The additional differentiators that set Jordan apart are:

  • nurturing a core group of like-minded people for support

  • building long-lasting relationships

  • keeping a passion for the industry stoked

“The big thing is keeping the passion alive, and it seems easier when you’re genuinely invested in the client,” Jordan says.


People first for top mortgage adviser

Working with a laser-like focus has enabled Adam Shepherd to make his mark. The best mortgage adviser at Lending Choice, who ranked no. 38 on this year’s Top Advisers list, explains that the secret to his success is building lifelong relationships. He strives to be 1% better every day and has gained the trust of his clients and industry partners with his understanding of the intricacies of the mortgage industry.

“Taking the time to listen to the client fosters a better understanding of what they need,” Shepherd says. “Only then can you create the best outcomes, and we continue to work tirelessly to achieve those goals that go beyond what the client’s initial expectations were when they first came to see us.”

People skills are Shepherd’s forte, along with:

  • creating a sense of comfort for clients and alleviating their concerns

  • delivering options that go beyond client expectations

  • continuously improving effectiveness and efficiencies

“One thing that we work hard on is getting our processes right behind the scenes to ensure we can continue to deliver clear advice at different stages and also to set clear expectations up front,” he says.


Adam Shepherd, Lending Choice
“Taking the time to listen to the client fosters a better understanding of what they need”
Adam Shepherd Lending Choice


Top Adviser sets clear expectations

iConsult’s director and chief adviser, Satyan Mehra, who ranked no. 30, notes that presenting realistic outcomes to his client base is crucial to prioritising time.

“Sometimes, you must learn to say no,” he says. “The most important thing is setting those expectations and following the processes, because that sets us apart from other advisers.”

Mehra distinguishes himself with his personalised attention to clients and mortgage industry partners, meeting them regularly in person to express a genuine interest in how they’re doing and to stay relevant in the fast-moving financial landscape.

“When you take that time to go the extra mile and get to know them, that builds a connection because it shows that you are truly interested,” says Mehra. “With partner relationships, you help them build their business because that referral system works well on both ends.”

A chartered accountant by trade who understands complex commercial structures, Mehra excels by:

  • utilising technology to enhance the client experience

  • building relationships and rapport

  • providing additional value

“I’m upfront and honest with my clients; I’m here to do the right thing by them,” says Mehra. “My goal is one face to face a day with someone, whether that’s BDMs, lawyers, accountants, influencers or clients. The idea behind that is that you’ve always got something to learn from someone.”


Unlocking dreams spurs on top mortgage adviser

Going above and beyond is standard practice for Brock Shute, who ranked no. 23. The Mortgage Advice Company’s mortgage adviser adds value beyond what is typically required for clients buying their first home or restructuring their debt.

“Every customer is a priority, and every person deserves a high level of service,” Shute says. “It’s a matter of doing what you say you will do and ensuring customers are well looked after with exceptional service.”

He’s driven by a passion for getting people into their own homes and strives to achieve the best outcome by providing valuable advice. Client feedback and the surging number of referrals are testaments to the top-notch quality of service he offers.

With a solid reputation, Shute shines in the following areas:

  • exceptional client care and service

  • knowledgeable and informed

  • results-oriented

“It’s crucial to stay up to date with the changing industry to be able to provide the right outcomes you need and to know the best options,” says Shute. “You need to be across everything, from courses, webinars and seminars to updates from lenders.”


Best Mortgage Advisers in New Zealand | Top Advisers 2023

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    Loan Market Central
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  • 5. Jordan Cameron
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  • 7. Nigel Ho
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  • 9. Thi Ngoc Hoa Do (Hannah Do)
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  • 10. Kris Pedersen
    Kris Pedersen Mortgages
  • 11. Alex Wang
    Alex Wang Consulting
  • 12. Nick Berry
    Loan Market Oceanside
  • 14. Madhav Bhandari
    Trail CRM
  • 15. Philip John Caldwell
    The Lime Group
  • 17. Megin Wilton
    Loan Market
  • 18. Nick Kotze
    Loan Market Howick
  • 19. Logan Reardon
    Loan Market
  • 20. Brenda Murney
    Vega Mortgages
  • 21. Mikey Smith
    Guardian Smith Mortgage and Financial Services
  • 25. Rajat Khurana
    Yellow Rooster Mortgages
  • 26. Linda Eagleton
    Loan Market
  • 27. Dimuthu Liyanage
    Taprobane Finance
  • 29. Scott Jackson
    Mike Pero Mortgages – Nelson & Tasman
  • 32. Malcolm Knight
    Advice Knight
  • 33. Jen Taylor
    Taylored Mortgages
  • 34. Jessica Pronk
    The Mortgage Supply Titirangi
  • 35. Karen Tatterson
    Loan Market
  • 36. Grant Patten
    Loan Market – Patten Financial Solutions
  • 37. Jack Dray
  • 39. Glen McLeod
    Edge Mortgages
  • 40. Kaushal Patel
    Onelife Financial Services
  • 41. Dylan Ferreira
    Vega Mortgages
  • 42. Rodney King
    Loan Market Agile
  • 43. Bruce Patten
    Loan Market
  • 44. Johnny Ang
    Mortgage Lab
  • 45. Eugene Bartsaikin
    Twine Financial Advisers
  • 46. Angela Wanoa
    NZ Mortgages
  • 48. Edgar Mahon
    The Lending Department
  • 49. Ben Mune
    Ascend Financial Services
  • 50. Dallas Roberts
    Loan Market Agile
  • 51. Zebunisso Alimova
    Mike Pero Mortgages Wellington
  • 52. Sarah Bloxham
    Lets Talk Mortgages & Insurance
  • 53. Dave Williams
    Loan Market Oceanside
  • 54. Daniel (Jui Chun) Kuo
    NZ Mortgages
  • 55. Daniel Lipman
  • 56. Jason Longo
    Buddy Mortgages

Best Mortgage Advisers in New Zealand | Top Advisers 2023 – Listing in order


As part of our editorial process, Key Media’s researchers interviewed the subject matter experts below for an independent analysis of this report and its findings.
  • Tulsi Naidu
    Katrina Shanks
    Chief Executive Officer
    Financial Advice New Zealand
  • Peter Norris
    Managing Director and Mortgage Adviser
    Catalyst Financial



In April, NZ Adviser launched a call for nominations for its seventh annual Top Advisers report. To be ranked alongside New Zealand’s broking elite, advisers had to provide their contact details and the total value of residential loans they settled from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. Advisers were also asked to provide the names and contact details of their aggregators. All of these aggregators were contacted for verification as part of the ranking process, and only fully verified figures were accepted for the final ranking.

To be eligible, entrants must have settled a minimum of $50m in total residential loans. After reviewing the nominations, the NZ Adviser team selected 57 top performers for the 2023 Top Advisers list. The list took into account only residential loans, and the advisers were ranked in order of the highest value of residential loans settled within the specified period.