New BNZ tie-up to offer NZ-first green-leasing solution

The partnership will reduce e-waste and provide digital technology to NZ communities

New BNZ tie-up to offer NZ-first green-leasing solution

BNZ has partnered with Quadrent to deliver a New Zealand-first green-leasing solution for technology assets that will reduce e-waste entering landfills and increase access to digital technology in vulnerable communities.

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The Quadrent Green Lease, backed by green lending, allows large businesses to access technology via a lease, and at the end of their life cycle within that organisation, pass them back to Quadrent to recycle and repurpose, as well as redistribute a portion of high-spec and high-quality tech devices into communities that need them most.

“Digital technology holds the key to a more sustainable, inclusive, and productive future,” said Martyn Masterson, Quadrent CEO. “We’re giving large organisations a way to be at the forefront of innovation and digitisation while reducing e-waste and emissions and helping vulnerable communities around New Zealand get online and take part in the digital economy.”

Masterson said that with Quadrent’s Green Lease, organisations can have peace of mind that their technology is appropriately managed through its life cycle, including ensuring it is securely wiped, environmentally repurposed, recycled, or redistributed along with a full range of reporting that will comply with their cybersecurity and ESG policies.

“We are finding new ways to incentivise businesses to contribute to a more sustainable future in New Zealand,” said Louise Tong, BNZ head of sustainable finance. “Digital technology holds the keys to a more productive New Zealand economy, but such is the rate of innovation and product development that we all must play our part to reduce waste associated with it. Equally, it is important to support New Zealanders to increase skills and access to the online world, as a lack of digital skills and access to devices such as laptops and smartphones is holding many New Zealanders back from opportunities to take part in our digital economy. Quadrent Green Leases provide the opportunity for laptops and smartphones to get into the hands of school kids and community organisations who are crying out for the tools to get online and take advantage of digital technology many of us take for granted.”

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The Quadrent Green Lease is currently best suited for large organisations with more than 500 employees, but Masterson said Quadrent is intent on finding new ways to expand its impact over time.

Visit the Quadrent website for more detailed information about Quadrent Green Lease.