Making a house a home: INVIS & Mortgage Intelligence's new president on cornerstone of success

Rudy Naraine speaks about alignment in values, trustworthy relationships, and the importance of hard work

Making a house a home: INVIS & Mortgage Intelligence's new president on cornerstone of success

This article was created in partnership with INVIS & Mortgage Intelligence

From the beginning of his career, Rudy Naraine (pictured) was captivated by “the intricate blend of all things real estate transaction.” The role of the real estate agent, the mortgage broker, the lender — he was amazed by how all the moving parts came together to help Canadians achieve their homeownership dreams.

“I fell in love with being a part of it on the mortgage vending side, knowing I was part of helping people secure homes and finding the perfect balance for their financial needs,” said Naraine, a 17-year mortgage industry veteran. “Witnessing everyone work to successfully navigate tricky situations to help a family get into a house or keep a family in their home fills me with immense joy. That’s what keeps me smiling, enjoying my job, and motivated to continue to help Canadian homeowners.”

Naraine also realized something else early on: You can buy a house, but it takes a lot to make it a home. That comes from an alignment in values for everyone under the same roof — and that analogy extends to one’s career as well, Naraine confirmed, as it’s what drove him into his most recent role as president of INVIS & Mortgage Intelligence.

“I firmly believe that operating with good morals and ethics, building trustworthy relationships, and not being afraid to work hard is the cornerstone of success,” Naraine said. “When you operate like that, success will follow. I was drawn to M3 because their vision and leadership style matched my beliefs. There’s an alignment here that sets the stage for our shared success going forward. The sky’s the limit in terms of what we can achieve together, when our goals and values are so well-matched.”

Naraine brings almost two decades of experience to his new position, with expertise gleaned from working at CHIP Reverse Mortgage, Teranet, and Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS) as well as spending time in the US mortgage market. This, matched with his proven history of fostering strong relationships with key players in the industry, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for INVIS & Mortgage Intelligence. Naraine is embracing his transition from the service side, in no small part because he was given the opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with some of the most respected and well-known brokers in the space.

Joining the ranks of the strong M3 leadership team “was something I could not pass up,” Naraine, who will report to Elaine Taylor, now managing director, full services brokerages & president Mortgage Alliance, said. He added that he’s eager to carry on the company’s “Brokers First Always” commitment, “with the mission of making INVIS & Mortgage Intelligence the trusted partner in mortgage solutions, as well as maintaining the integrity of the brand.”

INVIS & Mortgage Intelligence was the first mortgage brokerage ever created in Canada, with some of the greatest brokers in the industry coming from this legendary brand and its stable of long tenured brokers with over 20 years’ experience is chalk full. Naraine is laser-focused on promoting and expanding this sense of pride, commitment, and dedication.

“We want to make our presence even stronger and more impactful, so people recognize us, see us, and hear us,” Naraine said, adding he’ll be emphasizing the community-feel of the company and building on the inclusive, supportive environment where diverse talents and perspectives drive continued success.

Naraine’s advice to anyone in the industry is to take the time to truly understand whoever you’re partnering with and ensure that there’s the critical vision match and culture fit that forges a path for growth. That is the foundation on which his career was built and while his role is a new chapter for him, his approach won’t change: he’ll continue to do what has made him so successful thus far, and — starting with his new home at Invis & Mortgage Intelligence — he’ll make more individuals aware of what he believes in.

“My top priorities are to champion and showcase our incredible mortgage brokers and to foster an inclusive culture that celebrates and recognizes the achievements and uniqueness of every broker under our brand,” he said. “When we all work collaboratively, people won’t only thrive, but they’ll strive to be even better. That’s my paramount goal.”