Ron De Silva

The story behind RMA and Broker One's reinvention

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A labour of love

After more than 25 years, Broker ONE president and CEO Ron De Silva's passion for the mortgage industry remains unabated

Broker One offers brokers cutting-edge new tools through Filogix

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Can immigration keep the housing market hot?

CEO on the importance of immigrants to the housing market in the coming years

A new frontier

CMP sat down with Broker ONE CEO Ron De Silva to find out how the company is creating a unique network model for brokers

Broker ONE network promotes Ron De Silva to President & CEO

Broker ONE announced today that Ron De Silva was appointed as President & CEO of the network

Network heads on partnership

The industry’s most recent partnership poises two leading networks for Canada-wide growth

The future of the industry

As the head of a small but thriving broker network, Ron De Silva has some ideas about where the mortgage industry is headed – and what it will take for brokers to stay on board

Veteran broker/banker tapped as financial group’s manager

Long-time industry professional starts tenure at RMAI Financial Group as Ontario area sales manager