REMIC announces measures in response to COVID-19 pandemic

All in-class agent licensing courses will be livestreamed on the internet

REMIC announces measures in response to COVID-19 pandemic
Duffie Osental

The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada (REMIC) has revealed several measures it will undertake in response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

The institute announced that students taking any of REMIC’s mortgage agent and life insurance in-class licensing courses who wish to stay home will have access to the live class through internet livestreaming starting March 23.

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Additionally, REMIC said that it will extend course enrollment free of charge for any student who is ill, in quarantine, or who does not feel comfortable attending an in-person class or examination at this time.

“As the leader of in-class and online education, instructing over 7,000 students annually, REMIC is committed to providing all of its students with a safe learning environment,” the institute said in a statement. “REMIC remains fully committed to providing its students a safe learning environment and looks forward to continuing to transform students into successful entrepreneurs.”