REMIC announces measures in response to COVID-19 pandemic

All in-class agent licensing courses will be livestreamed on the internet

REMIC now offers mortgage education courses supported by AI

New addition to REMIC’s teaching platform is derived from the latest advancements of Google’s Dialogflow

REMIC launches new qualification program for would-be agents

REMIC to offer learning courses for aspirant life insurance agents in Canada

Are brokers educated enough on Alt-A lending?

With more and more brokers reporting a growing portfolio of alternative deals, is it time the industry got serious about education?

Industry professional launches private lending association

One of the leading mortgage broker course providers announced Tuesday it is launching the non-profit Association of Mortgage Investment Professionals (AMIPROS) with the goal of providing higher standards and education to the private lending industry.

Anti-spam education offered to brokers

REMIC is offering a free two hour session to help mortgage brokers prepare themselves for the upcoming anti-spam law.

Commercial experts give advice

REMIC is offering a course on commercial mortgage brokering and spoke with two of this year’s top-ten commercial brokers to get their advice for brokers interested in adding this increasingly lucrative business to their practice.

Brokers' call for bank specialist regulation fails

Vehement calls from mortgage brokers for bank specialists to fall under the same regulatory regime have failed to convince Steven Del Duca, whose recommendations for the MBLAA review to Ontario’s Finance Minister called for the exemption to continue.

Brokers: Save 20 per cent on mandatory course

Brokers can save 20 per cent on tuition for REMIC’s upcoming 2014 Mortgage Broker and Agent Continuing Education course by pre-registering before November 1.

REMIC asks brokers to sign MBLAA petition

An industry player has presented a list of recommendations for the MBLAA review – one of them concerning regulation of bank reps – and he is asking brokers to sign a petition to be presented at the next MBLAA meeting.