Making the most out of the daily grind

"If you think you're working hard, push even harder"

Making the most out of the daily grind

A fundamental grit and a sustained willingness to learn are vital ingredients in maximizing the mortgage professional’s daily grind, according to Monica Chrysler, agent and lead planner at Sherwood Mortgage Group.

As one of Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Women of Influence, Chrysler stressed the crucial role the combination of diligence and resilience plays in establishing long-term success in the industry.

“You have to really just go on to the next deal and put those [rejected] deals as a learning experience,” Chrysler told CMP. “Get up every day and think about how it’s going to be a great day. […] The secret is hard work. If you think you’re working hard, push even harder, [and decide] how you want to market yourself and where you’re going to find your next client. Ask for referrals.”

“Try new things. If it’s not working, change it right away,” she added. “But always look at yourself in the mirror and think, ‘How do I want to present myself?’”

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Renée Huse, senior mortgage professional and owner of the Spire Mortgage Team at the MMG Mortgages franchise, said that the value of time management and a manageable daily routine cannot be overstated.

During the pandemic, “I gave up any extracurricular for myself and focused solely on home schooling and my business,” Huse said. “Was that the perfect solution? No, but I believe that nothing lasts forever, so sometimes balance needs to go out the window and perseverance has to take over.

Surrounding oneself with a well-rounded team also makes for a smoother experience.

“I wasn’t afraid to hire staff or consultants where needed,” Huse said. “I gave up running my own social media and doing my own compliance, and I hired a second underwriter. I believe in delegating and hiring where you can to focus on what you’re best at or where you’re most needed.”