Resilience as an element of business success

Monica Chrysler of Sherwood Mortgage shares her experience as an influential woman in the industry

Resilience as an element of business success

Achieving 25 years of experience is a challenge in any profession, and Monica Chrysler knows that it takes hard work, the willingness to learn, and a great deal of resilience. Her inspirational management and innovative approach have earned her a place on Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Women of Influence list. In this interview, she tells CMP’s Fergal McAlinden about her career path and success formula.

After working at Canada Trust in the 1990s, Chrysler switched to the brokerage business to be better rewarded for her sales volume and revenue. Now a mortgage agent and lead planner at Sherwood Mortgage Group, she says that the move has brought fulfillment and is the best career decision she has ever made.

Noting how some new agents present themselves as top producers and expect awards in their first year, Chrysler says that success cannot be forced – it has to come authentically. The Benbrook, Ontario-based agent, who is known widely as The Mortgage Lady, knows that learning from mistakes is part of one’s development. Chrysler emphasizes the importance of diligence and resilience, especially when facing rejection or loss.

“You have to really just go on to the next deal and put those deals as a learning experience […] Get up every day and think about how it’s going to be a great day. […] The secret is hard work. If you think you’re working hard, push even harder, [and decide] how you want to market yourself and where you’re going to find your next client. Ask for referrals,” she said.

She believes that representation for influential women in her profession shows that women can raise a family while making an honest living, enabling them to be a model of independence for their children.

Her advice for younger women entering the industry is to learn as much as they can, ask questions, and consider the example of top producers in their field.

“Try new things. If it’s not working, change it right away. But always look at yourself in the mirror and think, how do I want to present myself? […] That’s what I would really recommend because we are women in business and we want to represent ourselves professionally.” 

She adds that attention to detail is necessary in a customer-centered industry, and professional behaviour always matters when meeting or signing up clients.