Todd Poberznick, Bridgewater Bank

Todd Poberznick, Bridgewater Bank

Vice-president, national sales

Bridgewater Bank

With an extensive background in financial management, mortgage product development, broker relations, marketing, industry training and sales, Todd Poberznick has done and seen it all in his 40 years in the mortgage industry.

Poberznick started in the industry after working for a time in the Alberta oil patch. Upon moving back to Calgary, he followed the lead of a friend who was in the brokerage business and found that he enjoyed it. Since then, he has grown his career from licensed mortgage broker to managing the Western Canada branch network for CIBC’s Firstline Mortgages, working on both the broker and lender sides of the business over the years. He is an Accredited Mortgage Professional; a member of MPC, AMBA and many other associations; and has taught mortgage finance at Mount Royal University and the Calgary Real Estate Board as a licensed instructor for the Alberta Real Estate Association.

In 2004, Poberznick joined Bridgewater Bank and has been a critical member of the executive team that founded the bank. He currently serves as vice-president of national sales and has led the business development team for 15 years, coaching and mentoring individuals to become leaders in their own right. Over his years in this business, Poberznick’s focus has never changed: to educate, improve and serve the Canadian mortgage industry.