1. Dave Butler, Butler Mortgage

#1 DAVE BUTLER Company: Butler Mortgage

1. Dave Butler, Butler Mortgage

Company: Butler Mortgage
Location: Ontario
Total volume: $425.86 million
Loans funded: 1,132

Hailing from a family of mortgage professionals, Dave Butler funded $17 million in the first year of his mortgage career; 15 years later, he is the number-one broker on CMP’s Top 75 Brokers list. Since he started in the industry, Butler has steadily increased his volume and units funded every year. He operates a referral-only business, refraining from advertising or operating on rate sites, focusing instead on the customer experience.

“The biggest challenge facing our industry is the fact that the customer experience is not the focus anymore,” he says. “Nowadays, the broad focus appears to revolve around churning out mortgages as if they are something that comes off a conveyor belt. Unbeknownst to those brokers, that’s the whole reason why our industry exists – because many years ago, banks stopped focusing on the customer experience, and it created demand for mortgage professionals who would give clients a different experience than the banks.”

Butler credits a lot of his success to his team, which has adopted the ‘customer first’ mentality he has always prioritized. That team now includes Butler’s son, Skyler, who began working at Butler Mortgage in May 2017.

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