FBAA to host commercial finance masterclass for brokers

Association seeks to boost broker education as commercial lending grows

FBAA to host commercial finance masterclass for brokers

With commercial lending growing rapidly, the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) is set to further educate brokers about commercial finance through its upcoming masterclass series.

The association expects record attendance at this year’s commercial masterclass roadshow, following successful events in previous years.

Peter White (pictured above left), FBAA managing director, said the association’s decision to focus more on the commercial and asset lending sector has benefited members. However, he cautioned that enthusiasm must be matched with specialist skills and knowledge for brokers to succeed.

Commercial lending is a complex area and doesn’t fit cleanly into a simple box as does home loan lending, which is why this masterclass series is vital to all brokers who want to explore commercial lending,” White said.

Steven Ragany (pictured above right), FBAA’s national commercial and asset manager, said the national commercial masterclass series will be held in five capital cities from July 24 to August 15. The series is open to all brokers, not just FBAA members.

During the masterclass, brokers will complete the commercial lending skills course, equipping them with immediately applicable skills. Ragany said that the masterclass caters to brokers looking to deepen their expertise in commercial lending, as well as those seeking a refresher.

“This is far more than a normal professional development day and will expose brokers to new possibilities,” Ragany said. “There will be a variety of industry experts leading the day, and brokers will expand their knowledge of the Australian commercial, asset, and diversified lending markets.

“Commercial lending means we connect with a different sort of client and part of the masterclass is to help brokers know how to best support SME clients.

“To a broker who has only done residential, they won’t succeed in commercial finance without adequate training and skills, so this is vital.”

The series will be held in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, with details available on the FBAA website.

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