Philip Lowe

Spiking inflation raises worries of cash-rate hike

With inflation within the RBA's target range, will the central bank be forced to raise rates earlier than expected?

RBA forced to defend bond target

Markets challenge its view towards inflation

Interest-rate hike coming sooner than we thought

Economists, financial markets make new prediction on RBA move

RBA acknowledges impact of higher rates

They could seriously cool the housing market

RBA warns to keep lending standards high

Even as the central bank holds the line on the cash rate, it warns that lending standards must be maintained

APRA planning macroprudential framework

The regulator is preparing a strategy to potentially clamp down on the runaway housing market

CBA chief worried about the future amid overheating housing market

Chief executive says "it would be prudent to act sooner rather than later"

RBA's inflation target out of date – top economist

Holding interest rates at a record low could lead to "a dangerous imbalance in the housing market," expert warns

Banks must stop 'outsourcing' problems to regulators – ANZ boss

The exec calls on the banking industry to act prudently in the red-hot housing market

NAB hikes fixed rates again

Despite the RBA's pledge to hold the cash rate steady, NAB ups longer-term rates