Clive Kirkpatrick

Clive Kirkpatrick shares vision of the future

Industry stalwart says he wouldn't be surprised if broker market share hit 80% in coming years

Clive Kirkpatrick: Preparing for the future

After one of the most difficult years of his career, the Vow Financial general manager can see only blue skies for the future of mortgage broking

2019 Aggregator's Roundtable

Did you miss the live-stream? Eight aggregator groups debate the industry's most important topics

With commissions cut and costs up, brokers' mental health a worry

Aggregators are also grappling with added complexity around commission payments and heightened lender scrutiny

Aggregator roundtable: Got your back

Seven industry leaders debate the hot issues that could alter the future of broking

Bank ownership of aggregators means 'skin in the game', but is it a pro or con?

Industry veterans go head-to-head on bank ownership in the aggregator sector

"A fee for service model only supports the big major banks"

Major aggregators confident that broker commission structures are here to stay

Morning Briefing: YBR announces new general manager for lending

YBR's Bouris has announced a new general manager for lending (Vow Financial)... Aussie mortgage bonds MIA as cheaper funding choices beckon...

Movers and Shakers of January

Citibank Head of Broker Distribution has moved to St George as State Manager and Aussie gains former CommSec General Manager Customer Experience.