Andrew Duerden

Don't be left behind

Why brokers are looking further afield for help with their businesses and how you can too

Should you outsource?

Take back your Sundays without compromising customer service and quality

PODCAST: Having the tech setup for success with Andrew Duerden

In the second episode from The Successful Adviser, hear from a business development specialist on how to free up your time with back office software

In good hands

As the industry begins to gear up for the future it’s becoming increasingly clearer that players with sound technological capability are going to have an advantage over the rest. MPA asked three of the industry’s IT service providers to give us an idea of the support they offer.

Tackling the 'paperless' challenge

The challenge of creating a true end-to-end solution for Australia's largely inefficient mortgage processing industry is one being taken up by a small law firm on the outskirts of Melbourne. MPA's Larry Schlesinger travelled to Frankston to find out more.

Valuation: The value of valuation

A look at the valuers role and its difficulties

The Year Ahead - 2008

What lies in store for the mortgage world in 2008?

Staying connected: Guide to customer relationship management systems

Review of suitable CRMS for mortgage broking