Top 100 broker on helping clients through the good times and the stressful

Number 97 in this year’s Top 100 says 2020 has been a mixed bag

Top 100 broker on helping clients through the good times and the stressful

The past year sure has been a doozy, but that hasn’t stopped mortgage brokers across the country striving for new heights within their businesses. Their focus? Looking after their customers. As the dawn of best interests duty shines ever more on the horizon of 2021, Top 100 broker Tim Leonard of Mortgage Choice Bayside shared his insights from the past 12 months and revealed why customer relationships have been even more vital during this time than ever before.

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MPA: Can you share some insights from the last 12 months as a broker?

Tim Leonard: For many, the last 12 months have brought some anxiety when it comes to finance. For others, this year was an opportunity to buy their first home or save money with the low interest rates. While it’s been a mixed bag, mortgage brokers are there to help clients through the good times as well as the more stressful times, and we feel privileged that many turned to our team at Mortgage Choice in Bayside when they needed help.

MPA: Can you tell me a bit about your business?

Tim Leonard: The heading on our website says it all: We love what we do and it shows. Our business at Mortgage Choice in Bayside is focused around supporting our clients to reach financial and property milestones, with solutions that will suit them well into the future. We’re passionate about our clients and getting them to where they want to be - all while guiding them through the sometimes daunting home loan process.

MPA: How important have customer relationships been this year?

Tim Leonard: While relationships with our clients have always been at the centre of our business, it has been even more important this year. Knowing where our clients have been, and what’s happening in their lives now has been vital to supporting and guiding them through 2020. The most important part of all has been having the lines of communication open, so that clients can ask questions freely and feel more informed about their decisions.

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MPA: What tips would you share with new-to-industry brokers?

Tim Leonard: This is such a fantastic industry to be in, one where you actually get to see the difference your work makes to someone’s life. We’re lucky enough to see our clients again and again as they go from buying their first home and starting a family through to purchasing an investment property and everything in between.